We greet You with love in Budapest, Hungary!
Manna ABC
the non-stop grocery store chain in Budapest

Established in 2005


in 16 locations

AJÁNLAT: Agora kuponnapok április 4-14. között!

Közel 400 terméket kínálunk óriási engedményekkel, kedvezményes áron!

Április 4-14 között ajándék 0,33-as cukormentes PEPSI üdítő minden helyben készült szendvics mellé!

Ingyenes parkolás

30 perc ingyenes parkolás az Agóra mélygarázsában a Manna ABC vásárlói részére.
Behajtás az Árbóc utcai aluljárónál vagy az Esztergomi út földfelszíni oldalán.

Get to know us!

Manna ABC is a grocery chain which operates stores with 0-24 opening hours in the capital city. Our goal is to create a fast and convenient shopping experience with prominently wide, domestic and international portfolio.

The majority of our stores are in the city centre in places easily accessible by foot or public transport, while some are located in business-office environments

The selection of goods is always according to their respective locations, but the following categories are found in every one of our stores:

• Huge selection of fresh fruits and vegetables: Avocado, ginger, blueberries, banana, orange…
• Exclusive, ever-changing selection of beverages, for kids and adults alike
• Cold soft drinks, fractioned aesthetic wine coolers
• Special selection of beers and wines, ranging from domestic to international distributors and cellars
• Rich selection of coffee and tea
• Prepacked dairiy products and cold cuts
• Prepared sandwiches, in nearly 30 flavours
• Prepared meals: weekly changing soups and main courses, rich in nutrients
• Prepared diet meals, also changing weekly
• Vegan products in nearly every category
• Lactose-free products
• Fresh, dish-stlye packs of meats for cooking
• Nutritional supplements and vitamins for a healthier lifestyle


Be it a few items, a quick refreshener or a complete shopping for home, Manna ABC is your partner!


Soups, main courses, sides, salads and desserts with vegetarian, vegan and lactose-free options, for all ages!


Our goals is to favor our future Customers of every generation, from baby foods to delicacies, especially products benefitting health and providing vitality!

Online: Wolt & foodora

Wherever You are in Budapest, order through the Foodora and Wolt apps!

„Buda” side:

NEW: 1027 Budapest, Fekete sas utca 2.
1032 Budapest, Bécsi út 88-90.
1036 Budapest, Lajos u. 93-99.
1123 Budapest, Alkotás utca 1/a.
1124 Budapest, Kiss János altábornagy u 50.

„Pest” side:

1053 Budapest, Vámház krt. 16.
1065 Budapest, Podmaniczky u. 1-3.
1085 Budapest, Baross utca 1.
1085 Budapest, József krt. 30-32.
1095 Budapest, Soroksári út 44.
1138 Budapest, Váci út 133. “E” épület
1137 Budapest, Pozsonyi út 18.
1133 Budapest, Váci út 96-98.
1132 Budapest, Visegrádi u. 53.
1138 Budapest, Esztergomi út 31-43.
1142 Budapest, Kassai tér 10.
1164 Budapest, Etelköz utca 1. (open: 6-22h)

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